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To pose or not to pose, that is the question! The idea of ‘posed’ or ‘natural’ photos is a topic that comes up a lot when couples think about their wedding day photography. Should they go for a photographer who has posed or natural photos in their portfolio? But what are ‘posed’ or ‘natural’ photos? […]

natural hindu wedding photo by Ed Pereira

Is a Destination Wedding calling to you? Yes, I hear you say. Then read on…

Marrakech Destination Wedding

Are you secretly (or openly) dreaming about gathering your closest family and friends, hopping on a plane and getting wed on a beach…under the stars…overlooking a vineyard…on a cliff edge…or something similar? Then, we urge you to keep reading!

A view of Palais Namaskar in Marrakech

A “must read” if you’re thinking about how to personalise your wedding. Think Star Wars and Marvel. Then think Wedding. Yes, that’s right, we did just that and collaborated on this incredible wedding. Read more about Anika & Nikhil’s wedding.

SW Events - Asian Wedding Planner

September 25th 2018. A date to mark an occasion. LaToya & Ajay shed some light on their re-launch, what has changed and talk candidly about their latest campaign: #WhosYourPlanner.

SW Events - Asian Wedding Planners

This is a journal entry that started life as one of our Wedding Tip Wednesday videos once upon a time. AND it’s still totally relevant today if we go by the conversations we regularly have during enquiry consultations and early stages of planning.

SW Events - Asian Wedding Planners

Saturday 24th March saw the return of La Visage, the Industry’s exclusive hair & makeup event supporting The Katie Piper Foundation (KPF). Think MasterChef meets Hair & Makeup and you’ll have a good idea about this awesome concept!

La Visage - SW Events

It’s a beautiful venue, nestled in the countryside in Hampshire. From the moment you drive into the grounds, you’re transported. What you may not know at that point is that all of what you see can be exclusively yours for the duration of your venue hire!

Froyle Park Wedding - Asian Wedding Planners
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