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3 Basic Design Questions Every Bride And Groom Should Consider!

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This is a journal entry that started life as

…one of our Wedding Tip Wednesday videos once upon a time.

AND it’s still totally relevant today if we go by the conversations we regularly have during enquiry consultations and early stages of planning.

1. Do I need a theme?

“Not really, no. What’s more important is creating a wedding where your guests walk in and they know it’s your wedding that they are at. To have a guest notice that an element is “so you” or “so your fiancé” is amazing. And to do this, it’s all in the personalisation.

If you’re really stuck about how to weave your personalities into you wedding events, start with deciding on a colour palette. This can also be different for each of your wedding events. Essentially it helps create some consistency throughout your day and ties back to your first point of contact with your guests…the Save the Dates or the Invitations. What you’re aiming to achieve here is flow…so that things don’t look out of place.

Once you’ve done that, start thinking about things you both love. Examples from our portfolio include:

  • a groom who loved Star Wars and Marvel
  • a bride who wanted something quintessentially English
  • a groom who loved “krumping” (that’s a dance move…check it out online)
  • a love for live music
  • a couple who are deeply spiritual
  • a bride with Mauritian heritage “

2. How do I create design consistency throughout my wedding?

“Sticking to a broad palette of colours is a fantastic way to pull design consistency throughout your wedding. Starting from your wedding invitations, if you take the colours that were included in that you can incorporate them into your pre-wedding events and on your wedding day.

Additionally if you’ve used a monogram or symbol on your invitations, this can be incorporated on bridal party gifts, your on the day stationery (such as menus and place cards) and a personal favourite…a monogram on your dance floor.

Another idea is to repurpose décor, especially floral décor, from one portion of your day to another. You can either completely revamp them or just re-use them but put them in a different place.

And finally, it’s worth keeping each portion of your day really distinctive. So although you want to pull a colour palette or theme through, it’s incredible for your guests to experience something different in each event. Building up to somewhat of a finale…we love to save big “wow” for the last wedding event; that’s what your guests will remember.”

3. What types of décor will produce the biggest impact?

“Real flowers and lighting are two things we’ve found have quite a big impact. Now it’s really easy to get carried away with both of these items. You can still create a beautiful look by having candlelit tables with smaller clusters of floral arrangement – it’s not always about going big!

Mirrored and reflective surfaces…another personal favourite and a definite wow. Consider it as the table top for VIP and top tables or for DJ booths. Although it can look great on a dance – be aware that your guests in dresses may not appreciate the practicality of it, despite its beauty!

Using fabulous chairs rather than the chair cover – please God don’t use the chair cover (…can you tell how I really feel?!). Definitely worth considering – even if it’s just the top and VIP tables that have them.

And finally…a must mention is the floor length round table cloth. There is so much to be said about one of these and don’t be afraid of colours and patterns! Banqueting tables that are undressed are really nothing to look at. So covering them up, legs and all, can really add elegance instantly.

Basically, the thing about a table linen and chair is that they are a big part what’s filling the room. The same applies to glassware, cutlery and crockery – there is SO much of it in the room that making a statement with any of these things will make an impact.”

To summarise…

” 1. You don’t need a theme but if you do go for one pick one that means something to you and your fiancé; your wedding should be recognisable as yours.

2. Try to carry a palette of colours through your wedding events.

3. Areas that make a big impact include florals, lighting and mirrored surfaces. And adding that elegant touch can be as simple as using floor length, round table linens. ”

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